The Preschool & Pre-K Program

As verbal communication improves, preschoolers begin to appreciate literature especially when read to at home and by our teachers. This stimulates their wish to read and write as their imaginations need a channel for expression.

As their independence develops so too does their functional appreciation of the world around them. Reciting numbers, comparing quantities, comprehension of shapes, spatial relationships and patterns are just some of the skills developed through block play, dramatic play, sand and water play and outdoor play. Understanding the concept and use of measurement, data collection and analysis are natural extensions of a preschooler’s desire to make sense of the world around them.

The exploration in infancy and toddlerhood develops into the skills and inquisitiveness to ask the ‘what’ the ‘why’ and the ‘how’of understanding the properties of the earth, ocean, atmosphere and universe; investigating natural forces and basic elements; studying living things and our symbiotic responsibility with the environment; and the use of technology, the excitement of creation and innovation.

The awareness of who and what they are as individuals is addressed though history and social science, along with learning about families, community and commerce and talking about character and the American way of life.
A strong emphasis on outdoor play develops fine and gross motor skills. In addition, it enables the development of social skills – the ability to share, take turns, lead, follow and be a friend.

Art education begins with a foundation that emphasizes exploration, experimentation and engagement of the senses. Learning about alternative forms of expression and communication through dance, dramatization singing and painting are valuable experiences for the children will take with them as they grow.


Play Areas